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3D Face Login + TrueLiveness

The Universal Face Login for 5 Billion Smartphones

ZoOm® replaces passwords with ultra-secure, selfie-style authentication by matching user faces via recognition algorithms, and verifying liveness with motion and 3-dimensionality.

  • 100% Software runs on all modern smartphones
  • Any iOS/Android App can be ZoOm-Enabled Easily
  • Instant authentication with one time 30-second enrollment
  • Virtually spoof-proof TrueLiveness Detection
  • Biometric data encrypted & securely stored on-device
  • Works in real-world lighting conditions
  • Proprietary tech with numerous patents filed

Try the Free ZoOm Login app for iOS/Android devices, or add ZoOm to your own app with our Developer SDK.

Simply Intuitive Selfie Login

If you can take a selfie, you can log in with ZoOm.

Simply center your face in the oval and move the phone a few inches closer to your face. As you "ZoOm" in, the front-facing camera captures high-resolution video frames of your face that are instantly processed into biometric data.

Unlike easy-to-steal passwords, fingerprints or 2D images, ZoOm significantly increases security by checking for numerous liveness attributes.

ZoOm, for the first time, makes true mobile authentication easy, quick and incredibly secure.

No Tapping

Lightning Fast


to Forget

Ultra Security... with a 3D Selfie

Identification + Liveness = Authentication

ZoOm tracks the changing perspective of the user as they move the phone towards their face. During the ~1-second natural motion, proprietary algorithms track and process thousands of face data points from up to 50 video frames and compare them in milliseconds. Numerous liveness attributes are compared to the enrollment data to securely authenticate the user.

ZoOm proves a live 3D face is present, and prevents 2D photo or video spoofing. While ZoOm can be used in a multi-factor environment quite easily, ZoOm is secure enough to be the only factor, and to stand alone in very high security scenarios like mobile banking and payments.

ZoOm Pricing Model

The production ZoOm SDK is free for all educational and nonprofit apps globally, as well as startups, developers and small businesses with less than 10 Million dollars (USD) in annual revenue.

ZoOm is free for:

Small Biz with <10M in Annual Rev

Educational Institutions

Non-Profit Institutions

Startups & Developers

Enterprise & Government app publishers are billed per active user at <$20 user/year.

30+ Languages

to Developers

No Network

Spoof Proof

How ZoOm Works

Through the natural ~1-second ZoOm motion, the selfie camera’s perspective of your three-dimensional face image morphs, a distortion that does not occur with a 2D photo or video. Proprietary algorithms process the changes in thousands of data points from up to 50 video frames. The data are compared in milliseconds, producing a dynamic perspective, 3D authentication from a standard 2D mobile-device camera.

Along with our unique liveness tests that verify several live-human traits and actions, ZoOm authenticates you as not just a representation of you, but as a live you.

UnZoOmed view at 12 inches away

Normal, No distortion

ZoOmed view at 6 inches away

Fish-Eye, Perspective distortion

ZoOm Developer SDK

Add the security, performance and ease of use of ZoOm selfie login to your app with just a few lines of code. With the ZoOm SDK your users will never have to type passwords again, and you won't have to store them.

ZoOm SDK is available for Android and iOS, and you can use it for free.

ZoOm Plugins will soon be made available for Xamarin, Appcelerator/Titanium, Phonegap, Cordova, Ionic and React Native.